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Research Area

The research program at BBRC is conducted under three different but coordinate sections.

  1. Biochemical Engineering.
  2. Bioenvironmental Engineering
  3. Nanobiotechnology


2. Bioenvironmental Engineering


Control of water pollution due to the rapid growth of the industry is of the main concern. The areas of research in this field include:
- Development of Rotating “Biological packed Bed” for treatment of biological wastes.
- Wastewater characteristics and evaluation of typical Iranian industries.
- Feasibility and Pilot Plant Studies.
- Assessment of the Impact of waste discharge on the environment.
- Re- use of treated effluents for various purposes.
- Wastewater Characteristics.
- Aerobic/Anaerobic Digestion of Strong Wastes.
- Apart from routine microbiological analysis of water, wastewater and    soil, isolation of microorganisms is carried out to introduce new techniques in the bioremediation of various elements.


1. Biochemical Engineering

The included researches as below:
- Fermentation of organic acids and alcohols.
- Enzyme technology and purification.
- Food technology and development of new additives.
- Industrial microbiology
- Food engineering
- Development of new food additives
- Higher quality food production
- Bioconversion of agricultural wastes.
- New sources of edible food
- Extraction of essential oils

Advances in science and technology have focused attention in the production of pharmaceutical chemicals, theoretical structure and practical application of medicine. The center concentrates mainly on researches about antibiotics, namely Penicillin G, Ampicillin, Amoxycillin, 6APA, Erythromycin, Bacitracin.

In the areas of Biochemical Engineering research, the subject of the most importance is the proper and excellent use of natural resources of the country. The past growth of population in IRAN demands improvement of current techniques in production, fermentation technology, industrial microbiology, conversion and storage of food is considered a key to produce high quality products.


3. Nanobiotechnology

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Nanobiotechnology as a new field of technology has been undertaken at       BBRC in the recent years. Nanobiotechnology is the branch of nanotechnology with biological and biochemical applications or uses. Nanobiotechnology often studies existing elements of nature in order to fabricate new devices. Nanobiotechnology usually refers to the use of nanotechnology to further the goals of biotechnology,  including the use of   biomolecules as part of or as an inspiration for nanotechnological devices.
The area of researche in this field includes:
- Polymer chemistry and macromolecular engineering
- Nanomedicine, Drug delivery systems and targeted drug delivery
- Biomaterials, Biopolymers and Biocompatible Polymers
- Colloids/Nanogels and  supramolecular self-assembly
- Pharmaceuticals


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