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The Biochemical and Bioenvironmental Eng. Research Center (BBRC) was established in 1970 at Sharif University of Technology, to conduct and perform research on problems of national importance in the fields of Biochemical and Bioenvironmental Engineering.

Biochemical engineering division was set up to investigate the related topics such as: fermentation and industrial microbiology, food and pharmaceutical technology. In Environmental Engineering division the main researches were on water and wastewater treatment Technology and pollution control.

Today, BBRC enjoys national and International recognition in its specialized fields of activities. Various publications and scientific reports, engineering surveys has offered expert advice to many industries to carry out their programs in order to reach their full capacities. Graduate students are encouraged to carry out applied research for industry while studying for their degrees. Therefore, practical and theoretical courses are offered by the center to fulfill their undergraduate or postgraduate degrees for students studying in Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Chemistry department.


From 1983 along with rapid growth in biological research and due to the university interests in biochemical engineering studies, BBRC improved its collaboration with chemical and petroleum engineering department by handling many researches of postgraduate students and higher education studies. This collaboration continued till 1994 which BBRC was officially coordinated by chemical and petroleum engineering department.

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